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18, Krepsen, korea
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Kjønn Kvinne
Interessert i Menn, Par
Alder 18
Høyde 150 cm - 160 cm [5' - 5'3"]
Vekt 45 - 55 kg (100 - 120 lbs)
Hår Brunett
Øyne Brun
Etnisitet Asiatisk
Språk Engelsk, Koreansk
Kjønnshår Barbert
Byste Liten
Rumpe Mellomstore
Hva som gjør meg kåt
I love brave smart and interesting people.And Smart men make me feel crazy 😜 Love Men who act,not talk.1 move better then 100 words😍
Om meg
😘Hello! My name is🌑 Yuna, and I'm a 18-year-old girl from🤞 Korea. I'm passionate about exploring various aspects of life, from culture and art to science and technology. My love for traveling has led me to explore different countries and cultures to broaden my horizons and immerse myself in the unique aspects of various societies.

I'm also fascinated by the world of cinema and literature, enjoying the stories and ideas they convey. Additionally, I'm interested in learning languages because it allows me to communicate with people from different cultures and countries.

In my free time, I enjoy sports, reading books, and spending time with friends and family. I strive to make each day filled with new opportunities for self-improvement and satisfaction of my interests and passions.
Hva som absolutt ikke tenner meg
Stupid,Rude,Weird,Bold,Greedy and Selfish men🤢🤮
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My own World
My own World
Dreaming of my own corner of harmony with nature, I envision myself in a private house surrounded by a cozy garden with beautiful trees. Each day, I could wake up to the birds singing and enjoy the fresh air, surrounded by greenery and the tranquility of nature. This little corner would become my refuge from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, a place where I could cherish moments of peace and inspiration
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